Summer Fashion: Right Shades For Your Face Shape

Summer is here! Everyone’s feeling giddy about escaping for a while from the busy life at the city and enjoy the beach under the sun’s heat! Truly, summer is all about fun and fab! Time to show-off those bikini bod with totally glamorous pair of bikinis. Don’t forget to know the right type of swimsuit for your body type. But then, summer fashion won’t be complete without gorgeous and chic pair of sunnies!

Find the right shades that flatter your face with this simple guide:

Oval Face

You have an oval face if your forehead is wider than chin, you have prominent cheekbones and narrow oval chin.

oval face, oval face shape, face shapes

What to Wear: Cat Eye Shades

This sultry shaped shades give your gentle curve features a little edge and at the same time, makes you look fierce oh-so-classy. cat eyes, cat eye shades, summer shades

Triangle Face

You have a triangle face if you have a wide top base (forehead) that goes narrower to the chin.

triangle face shape, triangle face, face shapes

What to Wear: Aviators

Aviators follow your cheekbones’ outline and emphasize them in a nice way.

aviator, aviator shades, summer shades

Round Face

Your face is round if it is almost as wide as it is long. The widest part are the cheeks and your chin is also rounded.

round face, round face shape, face shapes

What to Wear: Square Wayfarers

Square wayfarers give complementary contrast to the roundness of your features.

Wayfarers, square wayfarers, summer shades

Square Face

You have a square face if the length of your forehead corresponds to your cheekbones. Your jawline has a stiff, square shape as well.

square face, square face shape, face shapes

What to Wear: Big Round Shades

Aside from making you look so posh, big round shades soften your angular features creating a perfect balance.

round shades, summer shadesHeart Shape

Aside from the prominent widow’s peak, another characteristics of a heart-shaped face are the wider forehead, equal proportion and pointed chin.

heart shape, heart shape face, face shapes

What to Wear: Oval-Shaped Shades

Oversized oval-shaped shades balance out your features. It also gives you a vintage look ala Audrey Hepburn.

oval shaped shades, oval shades, summer shades


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