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I love it when people do appreciate my outfit. Good comments from other people make me believe that indeed, style doesn’t have to be expensive. Why? Let me tell you a secret: Im a fan of vintage/thrift shops, and almost half of my wardrobe were actually treasures that I was able to find in them..:)

Let me show you some of the outfits that I was actually able to pull off using the items I got either from vintage/thrift stores, sale, and on some occasions, my own design..:)


Back to Basics

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Hola! It’s been exactly 13 months since I’ve last posted anything here. I thought I totally lost the will to continue, but apparently not, because I’m here! And this time, I AM BACK FOR REAL.


Thank you to all the readers and supporters of this website who encouraged me to start all over again.


So let me start my going back to the basics. What comes to your mind when we say Fashion Basics?

For me, these are the keywords: Black, Denims, and Red Lipsticks.


Black and Denim
Photo by: Jigs Tenorio


Because you see, you can never go wrong with black and denim pants. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.


MAC Lipstick Viva Glam
Photo by: Jigs Tenorio

But if you find this too plain for you, accentuate your puckers with red lipsticks to add some flare.

ALDO Watch MAC Lipstick


Von Dutch

VON DUTCH | Mid-Waist Jeans
Photo by: Jigs Tenorio







Now let’s talk about denims. In an era where low-waist jeans rule, mid-waist ones are considered a classy vintage.


PARISIAN | Studded Flats
Photo by: Jigs Tenorio

And that, my friends, is how I go Back to Basics.


Do you like it? How about you? What’s your idea of Fashion Basics? Let me hear your thoughts!



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Vogue Mafia

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Vogue Mafia

vogue mafia, black and white, avant garde

Models: Abs de Leon, Matthew Luscombe, Gizelle Pasion, Van Hernandez, Mary Joy Villa

Photographer: Jr Sala

HMUA: Marah Lim

Stylist: KC Oteyza


White with Black Accents Button Down Polo (Abs) – The Doll House (

Silver Neckpieces (Gizelle and Mary Joy) – Wear Mauve (

This is my first attempt to style something couture-ish. I wanted it to appear abstract and vogue and have an avant garde feel to it and I’m glad that we were able to somehow execute  it. This made me so proud, though of course I know that this is still far from perfect. There is still so much to improve and yes, I’m learning. :)

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Fuchsia and Gold

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fuchsia and gold, valentine's day, outfit ideas












I couldn’t decide on what to put here now that it’s Valentine’s day. I was thinking of writing about date outfits but then I already wrote about it before. (Read: Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day). So there, I just decided to post this look which I posted on Lookbook few days ago.

I love everything that is fuchsia. This color has its feminine and sweet touch in it. That’s why I’m so happy to spot this sweetheart dress in the mall.  It is so perfect-the color, the cut, and the way it hugs my body. This instantly became my favorite dress.

On the other hand, Im also attracted to gold accents. Though I know that this is an era of black silver and antique gold, it feels so elegant to wear something that is bright gold. Just make sure not to overdo wearing gold accessories if you don’t want to look like a walking pawnshop. J

So yeah, this look is actually a combination of Fuchsia and Gold. The golden shoes and earrings worked really well with my favorite dress. I also wore a brooch ring (my own design), which compliments my overall look.

This is something that I would want to wear on a romantic date night. How about you? What’s your ideal Valentine’s day outfit?


Happy Heart’s Day everyone! Enjoy this day filled with love. <3




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