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I’m Alive and Kicking!

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Finally! After hibernating for like, a couple (or more?) months, I was finally able to gather all the will and motivation to update this website! Oh my gosh, congratulate me, I’m aliiiive! :)) Yes, Crafts and Vogue is up and running! First, I would like to apologize to those readers who I let down when I let laziness and frustration win over me and decided to just ignore this website. It’s a big no-no, I know! And if ever you’re curious about the reason behind this, read this one: I Think I’m Back on my personal blog. I happened to rant a lot about it there so to save myself from all the hassle in explaining myself, please just read it. And again, Im sorry! Im really hoping that I can still win you back. :(

Anyhoo, since I’ve been MIA here for such a long time, I need to do a lot of catching up. Don’t worry, many exciting things happened in my life during my absence and I cant wait to finally share them all to you! I was also able to gather lessons and realizations about fashion, beauty and life in general. :)

As a teaser, here are some of the snap shots of the stories that I’m gonna share to you all real real soon:


My vague attempt to enter the world of styling:

mega fashion crew 2, first screening, kc oteyza, fashion stylist


My first ever fashion stylist portfolio photoshoot:

stylist, kc oteyza, portfolio shoot

stylist, kc oteyza, portfolio shoot

My sample output:

vogue mafia, fashion styling, mafia, vogue

My first collaboration photoshoot:

ken go, fashion styling, rogue, kc oteyza, diane uy

How I influenced my friend to start her own blog        havesam, food blog, samantha reyes


And so on, and so forth!

These plus more fashion, beauty, art and life tips on Crafts and Vogue Online :)

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Blogger Apprentice 2012: Oh yes, I’m In!

Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 in Scribbles | 8 comments

Bloggers Apprentice


For the past few weeks, I was having struggles motivating myself to update my blogs. I was feeling lazy and all, and it seemed like I was starting to lose the “new blog’s momentum”—that feeling of excitement when your blog is just new and you’re just starting to attract readers. Just when I thought that everything is falling downhill, one big news came this morning: I was chosen as one of the 18 contenders for the Blogger Apprentice 2012!

blogger apprentice 2012

It was really unexpected. I mean, I couldn’t even remember the exact date that I joined. All I could recall is that, I saw the announcement about it on one of my blogger support groups on Facebook and I got interested. My website was barely a month-old that time and I doubt my chances. Still I tried, knowing that I have nothing to lose anyway. I filled out the application form and answered the essay questions. Again, I was not expecting anything so I almost forgot about it. So imagine my surprise when I learned that I was chosen! :’) I am thrilled! I am so excited about the upcoming challenges and lessons that I will get from this experience!

To be honest, everything feels new to me even though I’m blogging for almost 2 years now. I started my personal blog solely for the purpose of venting out all my emotions—may it be happiness or frustrations. It became the online diary of my life. After a few months, I was surprised to see that there are people who are actually reading my entries. It felt great and so I started to write things that are worth-reading. It was then I realized that even though I decided not to pursue journalism, blogs can be my outlet for writing. Once again, I discovered the beauty of sharing ideas and information to other people.

However, there were times wherein I was feeling totally lazy to the point that I just let my blog remain untouched for a few months. But then, out of my love for writing, I keep on coming back. I was still unaware of the full potential of blogging until I was hired in my current job because of it. Yes, because of the nature of the job I was applying for, having my own blog became my selling point.

working as a coordinator of our research database :)

Fortunately, I met Ate Gizelle as my new officemate. She’s maintaining one of the biggest websites on graphics design. She encouraged me to create my own website on beauty and fashion. I did and it’s online for over a month now. I thought that everything will be easy since I already got my own personal blog. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Writing personal rants about almost anything is so different from writing for a target market about a specific topic/field. Im so thankful to Ate G, for helping and guiding me through this. :)

Ate Gizelle, the one who helped me out in designing and starting my own website :)

I am looking forward to learn more about blogging. I want to explore deeper into blogosphere. I want to learn this time the social potential of blogging by knowing other bloggers and learning from them.

We will be having our orientation and at the same time, first challenge this coming Saturday. I praise God for this opportunity, I swear to give it my best shot..:)


Read about Blogger Apprentice 2012 Here


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Just a Thought: Escaping the Past

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While we know that we can’t change the past, and the best thing that we can do is to live fully inthe present, there are some things that are just not easy to forget. We can suppress it at the back of our minds and create a new world, but there will always be things that will remind you that something is still there. Perhaps, there really are things that are not meant to be forgotten.

You may feel that you have corrected everything by doing the right things now. But how about the wrong things that you have done yesterday? Is it possible to enjoy living in a newly-created world now, if you know that there are other people who are bearing the consequences of your past actions?
Indeed, you cannot fully escape the past but you have the choice to correct the wrong things you have done before. Correcting it takes a lot of courage, I know. But until when will you be coward to face it? What if you’re running out chances? What if tomorrow is already late?
the past
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For Singles: Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Scribbles | 2 comments

For those who are in a relationship, Valentine’s day is such an exciting day. On the other hand, single ones view this day as something overly cheesy, dreary or perhaps, down right lonely. Why not? Red hearts, pink bears, roses, mushy and cloyingly sweet messages, and Valentine’s day promo and advertisement signs are everywhere. You cannot even get a table at your favorite restaurant because they are fully booked, and everyone seems to be happier than you are! It seems like the world can’t emphasize enough how miserable you are just because you are dateless.

We have this notion that Valentine’s day is just for people who are in a relationship. The truth is, it’s not. It’s supposed to be a day of love. And love can be defined through many, different things right? This day can also be a celebration of your love for your parents, siblings, best friends, and even YOURSELF. So instead of sulking around, why don’t you celebrate this day by making yourself feel special? Here are some random suggestions that can make your Valentine’s Day sweet even if you are single..:) (more…)

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You Make Your Own Dreams Come True

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Aside from the overwhelming feeling of finally being able to launch my own accessories line, another thing that excites me is this website. I’ve been planning to have something like this for like 2 years already and it’s only now that I actually had the guts to do it. There were so many doubts, so many worries, and so many what-ifs, and these things prevented me from doing something that I desired for so long. I mean, I was so afraid that this might end up like my other blogs-abandoned and lifeless. I was so worried about wasting a definite amount of money only to upset myself and add this one to my collection of unfulfilled plans. I was having so many doubts about my writing skills, my availability, my commitment. I didn’t realize that I already wasted a couple of year entertaining all these negative thoughts, hence, delayed the fulfillment of one of my dreams.

That is the problem with not only me, but most of the people nowadays. We are so consumed with pessimism, thinking that the world would never give us what we want, but the truth is, we are usually the ones who are giving up on the world first. We are so afraid to try. And yes, not trying equates to giving up. Why is it so hard to embrace high hopes and actually start to believe?

What dreams in life would you have, if you know that you will not fail?

After evaluating my experiences-triumphs and failures included, I was able to list down some tips which I think can help myself in overcoming my fears of taking risks. These tips actually helped me decide to finally start my own accessories line and website. And I think, this could be pretty handy too when I apply it to other areas of my life. And you know what? It could also work for you.

1. Believe in the power of dreams

2. Start dreaming  BIG

3.  Back your dreams up with ACTIONS

4. Develop your desire to actually see the dreams coming true

5. Don’t ever surrender to negative thoughts

6. Have a positive attitude in life

7. Persist

8. Be patient

9. Make your strategies flexible

10. Have faith in yourself and in God

There, hope you find this list helpful. So, whatever dreams you got,


Then be happy as you travel along the journey of life..:)



get this image here:





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Launch it! Launch it!

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I can’t wait to finally launch this site! After test running this with a couple of posts, and getting myself familiar with the dashboard and control panel, I think I’m quite satisfied with the website already (though posting pictures and resizing them is still confusing).

Maybe I should fill this out with more sensible posts and pictures, to finally give it life. So there KC, please do motivate yourself to write moooore!

And oh, I just realized that being a one-man team is so damn hard! From thinking of the concept, getting the supplies, designing, crafting, packaging and marketing the items, and of course, maintaining this website, tedious work is an understatement! It is so stressful and frustrating at some point but you know, seeing this making progress, no matter how small, is really fulfilling. I can’t even imagine the kind of fulfillment it may feel once my first collection is already launched and this website is fully functioning already. I bet, it will definitely feel AWESOME.

So yeah, little by little, I know I can do this! I just have to push myself more to work and squeeze out creative juices inside my skullmeat..:)

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Crafting Tiiiime! :))

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I spent my whole day yesterday squeezing out all the creative juices in me! I was able to make around 20 additional items! Imagine? 20 designs in one day! :) It’s really true that you become oblivious to time when you enjoy what you’re doing. I could never be more happy to finally able to do something I really enjoy and make it an opportunity for profit! Oh well, I just hope that people will love my designs as much as I do (love your own. haha!).


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Welcome to Crafts and Vogue Online!

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Who doesn’t love fashion accessories?  Aside from adding accents to your outfit, accessories have the power to complement the wearer’s look, hence bringing out the best in you. In fact, you can wear a totally simple attire and be the most stylish in the block by pulling off of your looks with gorgeous accessories!

Crafts and Vogue is your best-est fashion friend. Discover the latest news and updates about your new favorite fashion accessories line only here at! Who doesn’t love fashion accessories?  Aside from adding accents to your outfit, accessories have the power to complement the wearer’s look, hence bringing out the best in you. In fact, you can wear a totally simple attire and be the most stylish in the block by pulling off of your looks with gorgeous accessories!



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