Hair Styles: The Hottest Hair Trends for 2012

Hair Styles

We all know by now that 2012 is a season defined by minimalism and modernist style. The most iconic styles of the past century were revived and infused with classic modern touch. Hanging cropped tee, oxford shoes, and satchels – indeed, 2012’s fashion trends are all about revival and evolution. Same is true with hairstyles. As different designers and fashion experts all over the world presented their new fashion lines in various fashion shows, these familiar hair styles once again prevailed:  ponytails, braids, center parting, wet look, accessorized updos and fabulous blowouts.


It is back. But the question is, was it ever gone? The ponytail ruled all on the spring/summer catwalks: from low-slung and flat as seen at Reed Krakoff and Ports 1961, to statement sectioned styles at Marc Jacobs and Herve Ledger to slick and damp as witnessed at Donna Karan or preppy and casual as seen at Ralph Lauren.

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How to pull if off:

  1. Using a brush, gather all your hair straight back up to the crown of your head. Make sure that there’s no loose hair remaining.
  2. Secure with a ponytail.
Additional Tips:
  • For a sleek and clean look, pull your hair back as tight as possible before securing with a ponytail.
  • Don’t use ponytails made of rubber as it can damage your hair.
  • Polish your look by spritzing a little amount of hair spray before and after you make a ponytail
  • If you’re to wear it with an ensembles such as hat and headband, secure your hair between the crown of your head and nape.
  • For casual and relaxed look, just tie all your hair at the back of nape.


Another classic style is the braids. Braiding is the process of forming a pattern by intertwining three or more strands of hair. Hair braids offer you a different variety of styles. It can give your hair a casual look or even a unique and statement look altogether.

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Basic braiding is easy but creating a statement look out of it is something that totally depends on the stylist. All it takes is a creative mind. Nevertheless, here’s how you do the basic braiding:

  1. Comb your hair and divide it into three even sections
  2. Cross the right hand section over the middle section. Note that the original right hand section is now the middle section.
  3. Pull all the sections away from each other to tighten the plait.
  4. Cross the left hand section over the middle section. The original left hand section is now the middle section.
  5. Tighten the plait again.
  6. Continue the process alternating right and left sections over the middle section, tightening each plait as you make it.
  7. Secure the end of the braid with a ponytail

Center Parting

After the long reign of side parting, finally, the more casual center parting is in again. A lot of women has a default center part but most of them prefer to part it on one side for more stylish look. Stress no more, for the the center parting is on center-stage again this 2012. This center parting associated with an urban/beach wave marks the revival of 60’s and 70’s fashion.

center parting, hair style, hair trends, hair part, ralph lauren, givenchy, calvin klein

How to pull it off:

  1. Using a comb, part your hair at the middle.
  2. Keep the hair hanging in the face and avoid tucking them behind your ears

Additional tips:

  • While still damp, blow dry your hair while raking through the fingers
  • You can also run through curling iron for just a few seconds then rake through fingers again.
  • This look is perfect for layered cuts.
  • Finish with a serum or hair gloss for polished look

Wet Look

Yes it’s back. It’s totally back. This too-cool-to-care look of the 80’s fashion rocked the runway last New York Fashion Week. Get ready for this sexy and sport-chic fever as Alexander Wang, Alberta Ferretti, Felder Felder marked the reign of wet look once more.

wet look, hair style, hair trend, alexander wang, diesel black gold, felder felder

Achieve this look by adding a generous slick of serum or hair gloss to wet hair and leave to dry in plaits. Style your hair the way you want it and polish the look by spritizing high-shine spray.

Additional Tips:

  • This looks best when paired with bold eyes or lips.
  • Combine wet look and center parting for irresistible, sexy look
  • Throw your wet look locks into a loose ponytail to achieve sport-chic look

Accessorized Updos

Updos used to be boring. Not anymore. This 2012 hair style updo is both fun and pretty. The classic updo look up is being quirked up by adding embellishments such as statement hairpins, headbands, and other eye-catching accessories!

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To achieve this look, just add any accessories to any classic updos. Just like those pearly pins that were spotted at the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of Chanel, gold barrettes around a bun at Yves Saint Laurent show, and those feathers that stole the Jason Wu show.

Fabulous Blowouts

Everyone’s entitled to look glamorous again for here comes the 1940’s classic hair style. This bombshell look is back again on the scene. This time, combine the volume and bounce with center parting and say hello to 2012 hair blow out. Now bring out those big round blow dry brush and rollers and start looking oh so fabulous.

blowout, blow dried hair, hair style, hair trend, bombshell, 1940s

How to pull this off:

  1. Apply a generous amount of volume mousse to damp hair
  2. Light blow-dry your hair with a big round roller brush
  3. Set some parts of your hair to rollers and blow dry again
  4. Release and tousle your hair

Additional Tips:

  • If you’ve got a natural wave in your hair, just add extra bounce with a few loose curls.
  • Try blow-drying upside down to add more volume


There you have it, the hairstyles that will definitely rock this year!

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Credits: Glamour Magazine, Getty Images, Harper’s Bazaar

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  1. I like the blow outs! My heair is too straight and boring. haha. Thanks for sharing the styles sis. :)

    • Hello sissy! <3 Oh gosh, I feel you. My hair is equally boring and lifeless! Im trying out the styles too though Im having a hard time deciding which one really suits me. Hihi! :D Goodluck to us! <3

      Btw, thank you for reading! :*

  2. I like the curls :))
    Good thing pnytails are still in. It is so hot in Pinas right now. Haha.
    Center parted? Oh my. I have to do that to my hair to be in? I don’t feel it. My hair is side-parted. Haha

    • Yes, definitely! I can’t imagine letting my hair down all the time especially now that it’s summer! Hihi! And oh, I tried center parting too but it kinda look awkward for me. I have side-parted hair ever since! Grr! Haha! Thank you for reading sis! <3

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