Celebrating Beauty

As a celebration of my newly-found motivation to update this website, I choose to talk about beauty.



“Beauty is something you create, not something you’re born with.”

Beauty is subjective but it is a general truth that beauty includes work and effort. Even if you are born with a naturally gorgeous face and body, those advantages are only the basic ingredients that might help in making your journey to beauty easier. There are a lot more things that you need to equip yourself with. We all know people who won the genetic lottery at birth but whose ugliness glares out from within. In the same way, we also know people who might not fit within normal standard of beauty, but who glow with an inner light and strong personality that make then strikingly beautiful. As what JE Bright (America’s Next Top Model) said, “Beauty takes a determinedeffort toward improving not just your appearance, but your heart, mind and soul as well”

Indeed, it is a big thing to have been gifted with classical pretty, symmetrical features, but the overall physical health, grooming, style and most importantly, the confident attitude are big things that people should work on to.

We should also remember that many aspects of beauty are cultural and dynamic. The standards of beauty may be different across places, and may have also changed over time. “The true beauties of world history redefined the meaning of loveliness and created a new beauty standard for their culture” (Bright). However, none of those people did so just because they are born pretty. It was a combined force of personality and the willingness to embrace themselves completely that made it happen.

audrey hepburn marilyn monroe elizabeth taylor

portraits by Holly Frances Louise Wiffen (http://hollywiffen.weebly.com/)

Another thing that people must keep in mind: It is beautiful to be human and no human is perfect. Make your flaws be your strengths by embracing them, overcoming them, or learning how to minimize them. Be beautiful by watching your health, improving your posture, choosing the right clothing and style, and improving your attitude that comes from the deep truth of who you are.



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