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Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala

Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in Beauty Au Naturel, Fashion | 0 comments

Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us into its embracing warmth. –¬†Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone...

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Back to Basics

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Style Gallery | 2 comments

Hola! It’s been exactly 13 months since I’ve last posted anything here. I thought I totally lost the will to continue, but apparently not, because I’m here! And this time, I AM BACK FOR...

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Vogue Mafia

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Style Gallery | 1 comment

Vogue Mafia Models: Abs de Leon, Matthew Luscombe, Gizelle Pasion, Van...

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I’m Alive and Kicking!

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Fashion, Scribbles | 0 comments

Finally! After hibernating for like, a couple (or more?) months, I was finally...

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Summer Tip: Aloe Vera for Sunburn

Posted by on Mar 23, 2012 in Beauty Au Naturel | 1 comment

Aloe Vera Since it’s summer and you ought to stay under the sun most of...

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Summer Fashion: Right Shades For Your Face Shape

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Fashion | 1 comment

Summer is here! Everyone’s feeling giddy about escaping for a while from...

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Hair Styles: The Hottest Hair Trends for 2012

Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Fashion | 4 comments

Hair Styles We all know by now that 2012 is a season defined by minimalism and...

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Oatmeal Paste for Oily Skin

Posted by on Mar 2, 2012 in Beauty Au Naturel | 5 comments

Oily Skin Having an oily face and oily skin in general is a common problem for...

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Fashion Tips: Style Ideas for Petite Girls

Posted by on Feb 26, 2012 in Fashion | 1 comment

We are living in a world where most of the clothes are designed for people with...

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HOTTEST Nail Colors That You Must Try

Posted by on Feb 25, 2012 in Fashion | 0 comments

One of the simplest ways to show your personal style is through your nails....

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Homemade Facial Toner

Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Beauty Au Naturel | 9 comments

The original purpose of toner was to tighten the skin through the application...

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What Hair Color Suits You?

Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Home | 37 comments

We all know that Filipinas usually have black to dark brown hair. Of course it...

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Just a Thought: Escaping the Past

Posted by on Feb 15, 2012 in Scribbles | 0 comments

While we know that we can’t change the past, and the best thing that we...

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Lovely Hairstyle Ideas for your Date

Posted by on Feb 11, 2012 in Home | 0 comments

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you still can’t decide on...

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DIY Crafts: Gifts for Valentines Day

Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in Etsy Art | 0 comments

We all know that Valentine’s Day is highly commercialized and sometimes...

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Gorgeous Shades For Your Lips on Valentines Day

Posted by on Feb 5, 2012 in Home | 6 comments

Whether or not you have a romantic date planned this year for Valentine’s...

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Dry Skin Remedy

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Beauty Au Naturel | 1 comment

Nothing is more irritating than a dry skin in the face. This is an excellent...

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Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Fashion | 1 comment

Now let’s talk about Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Being the Fashion...

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Celebrating Beauty

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Home | 0 comments

As a celebration of my newly-found motivation to update this website, I choose...

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